Monday, July 20, 2009

Man of the Tour Classification
(Main article: The Maillot Noir, or in colloquial terms, “The Maillot Man”)

The Maillot Noir is awarded to the rider who is the Most Man during a stage. Inspired by the unsung heroes of the peloton – The Hot Ones. The Hardcore Ones. The Fully Loaded Men. They need some kind of thanks for lifetime services to lycra. This jersey – the Maillot Noir - is that thanks.

The competition gives points to the Real Men of the peloton. Points can be awarded on flat stages, mountain stages, half-and-half stages, intermediate stages, time trials, team time trials, rest days, you name it. If it’s Manly, it’s on the board.

Points for Maillot Noir Gained By:
10cm+ expanse of chest showing whilst riding.
Jersey tails flapping and bibshorts straps exposed.
Cycling Like You Mean It. Hah.
Crashing and getting back up and going for it with broken bones and blood running down your limbs.
Being Drinks Bitch. It’s manly, alright.
Not getting dropped. Like Cav on mountains.
Breaking away and doing all the work. Like Big Jens.
Not being on Astana. Like Astana.
Being on Saxo Bank. Like Saxo Bank.
Having a brother in your team (that wins). Like Frank and Andy. Or Romain and Brice.
Being Australian. Like Cadel. And Heinrich. He’s ours Germany
Wearing armwarmers.
Wearing crosses.
Filling out your lycra (saggy arse-areas result in minus points).
Not wearing skivvies underneath jerseys. (An unexposed chest area is a big minus.)
Not posing stupidly for Tim de Waele.
Leaning on the Manbar.
Beating Cav.
Winning. It’s hot.

Man of the Tour Classification
As It Stands After 2 Weeks of Le Touring
1. Big Jens: Because he is Big Jens. And he breaks away like a Bat out of Hell and then does all the work because he’s Too Much Man to do otherwise. And he has 5 kids. What a man.
2. Heinrich Haussler: A Little Aussie Battler. He also broke away from a breakaway and WON. He makes a hot drink’s bitch. And he gets up mountains like no other sprinter can. Hardcore.
3. Brice Feillu: He broke away from a break away and WON. He consistently wears his jersey open and flapping in the breeze, with bibshorts exposed. He is also rather nice looking.
4. Andy Schleck: Has really gotten Manly this year when he started to open the jersey and expose his lucky medallion and gold cross. But he has a way to go. Breaking away BEFORE Contador would be Tres Manly. Beating Contador would be Tres Tres Manly.
5. Sexy Sorensen: WON on a broken-away breakaway. These Men are hot. And he’s a totally forgotten hero, so winning was just so good and Manly for him.
6. Frank Schleck: Hasn’t done much, but he will, so he’s on the list. And he gets points just because he always has his jersey unzipped, and he has a brother in the team. Masculine as.
7. Cadel Evans: Everything’s going horribly wrong for poor Cadellio, but it’ll get better. And if anyone tries hard against the odds of Crappest Team Ever, it’s Cadel. And that’s Manly.
8. Fabian Cancellara: He’s usually fairly safe on the Manly standings, but Fabian’s taken some hits recently. Anyone who bitches at fellow breakers-away to ‘go back coz it’s not fair, we’ll get caught coz of you’ is not okay in my books. And it’s not like he won that stage anyway.
9. Rinaldo Nocentini: He’s not on here coz he’s good, or even that he’s particularly Manly. He’s on here coz he kept the Yellow Jersey away from Masterlance in laughable style.
10. Masterlance Armstrong: Better than I gave him credit for, and able to keep up with the young whipper snappers on the climbs, thus far. At 37, I’ll give him some Manly credit.
NOT LISTED. Bertie Contador. He’s not squeezing one Manly point out of me because, while he might be winning and he might be a little savage on those pedals, he’s not pretty, he does ultra-lame pea-shooter gestures when he wins and he’s NOT Manly. And this is the Man of the Tour Contest after all, so Bertie Bott aint gonna win this one, at least.


Fede said...

Me likes this new Maillot and absolutely agrees with the rankings from 1 to 6 (and about Fab Fab,of course)!

Rose said...

I noticed your rankings cut off at 6, Fede - you don't agree with Cadel at #7? What a shock. :D

I'm thinking the rankings have probably changed since last week, what with Cadel sliding off the radar and Frank actually doing something and then not again. I'll post the winner up eventually. I'd say it's probably Big Jens coz I just can't go past that man when it comes to Manliness.

Fede said...

Evans is not one of my favourite riders,but I have to admit that being in a team like Silence-Lotto and trying to win a Grand Tour can be considered manly.
Talking about "No Snore Team":Jurgen Van Den Broeck is in my final Maillot Noir classification.He often rides with his jersey open,he worked (tried to work,at least) for Cadellio and ended up 15th in the GC.And in my final Maillot Noir classification there's also Big George Hincapie,of course.

As you once said,you can't meet Big Jens and not falling in love with him,so I agree that he deserves to be the winner of this competition.He's THE man of the peloton.

Rose said...

Yeah, Cadellio had better ditch Silence Lotto if he ever wants to win a Tour. And I'll admit that Cadellio did have a stinker of a Tour, but that team time trial did not help. What a pathetic display of supporting your champion. Jeepers.

I thought Jurgen van den Broeck was hot until I heard he was taking swipes at Cadellio and stealing his Leader Status. I'd say that's where S-L will be headed in the future - Belgian Broeck and not Cadel. Oh well, good. Run while you still can, Cadel.

But yes... Jurgen's jersey tails flapping in the breeze was a good look. And his serial breaking-away gave him some credentials, too.

But not Big George... no no no.

Big Jens is just fecking amazing. I love Big Jens. I chatted with him for 10 minutes and that still wasn't enough. He's just Too Much Man. Like Fabio, except on a bike. And German. :D